Registration Costs(Taxes, Fees etc) Calculator
Calculate not only acquisition tax but also the costs required for the acquisition and registration of real estate, such as solicitor fee, national housing bond purchase and discount, and court fees and so on.
Calculate acquisition tax based on paid purchases. Please use the acquisition tax calculator to calculate acquisition tax in various cases such as gift and inheritance.

You can actually buy and hold bonds. Our calculator calculates the discount cost based on a full discount (sold immediately after purchasing the bond as required by the law). Please refer to the Korean Real Estate Wiki(korean language) for details.

※ Calculates based on the latest discount rate announced daily by the Housing and Urban Fund(korean public agency).
Acquisition Value
10,000 Won
Standard Price
10,000 Won
Calculation Result

The registration fee is to provide various calculations such as acquisition tax, national housing bonds, and solicitor fee at once. It's advantageous to calculate quickly, but if you use each calculator, you can choose a more detailed option.
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