Loan To Value(LTV) Calculator

Loan to Value (LTV) is an indicator of the ratio of loan to mortgage and is used primarily to calculate the loanable amount of mortgage loans.

The standard ratio of LTV in Korea varies by region and is 40% to 70%.
  • Lease Deposit : This means the deposit of the previous monthly rent contract transferred before the loan. It's the amount that needs to be reimbursed first, so it's deducted from the loanable amount.
  • First payment amount for small rental deposit (aka. minimum deposit): Even if the tenant transfers to the remaining room after the loan late, the amount prescribed by the law can be reimbursed as the top priority. The bank calculates the loanable amount by deducting the amount of reimbursement for the number of rooms just in case. In general, housing or shopping districts deduct small rental deposits based on the number of rooms separated, but apartments are not deducted (which may vary from financial company to financial company).

Loan Amount
10,000 Won
Collateral Value
10,000 Won
Lease Deposit
10,000 Won
Senior Bonds
10,000 Won
Minimum Deposit
Number of Rooms
Calculation Result

Calculation formula
Regional Maximum LTV
House Price Division Speculation Area and
Overheating Area
Regulated Area Other Areas
less than 900 million Low-income consumers (homeless) 50% 60% 70%
1 house (disposal conditions) 40% 50% 70%
2 or more houses impossible impossible 60%
over 900 million less than 900 million 40% 50%
Same as less than 900 million
over 900 million 20% 30%
over 1.5 billion - impossible Same as over 900 million
Regional Minimum Lease Deposit
area small rental deposit
Seoul 50 million won
Incheon Ganghwa-gun, Ongjin-gun 20 million won
Seo-gu Daegok-dong/Bulo-dong/Majeon-dong/Geumgok-dong/Oryu-dong/Wanggil-dong/Dangha-dong/
Wondang-dong/Incheon Free Economic Zone and Namdong National Industrial Complex
23 million won
other areas 43 million won
Uijeongbu / Guri / Hanam / Goyang / Suwon / Seongnam /
Anyang / Bucheon / Gwangmyeong / Gwacheon / Uiwang / Gunpo / Yongin / Hwaseong / Sejong / Gimpo
43 million won
Siheung Banwol Special Area 20 million won
other areas 43 million won
Namyangju Hyeongyeong-dong / Pyeongnae-dong / Geumgok-dong / Ilpae-dong / Ipae-dong / Sampae-dong / Gaun-
dong / Suseok-dong / Jieum-dong and Donong-dong
43 million won
other areas 20 million won
military area 20 million won
other areas 23 million won
Gyeonggi-do Ansan, Gwangju, Paju, Icheon, Pyeongtaek 23 million won
other areas 20 million won
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