Inheritance Tax Calculator
Calculates the tax levied upon inheritance of property following death.
You can select a large amount of basic deduction (200 million won) + human deduction (children, elderly, disabled, etc.) and lump sum deduction (500 million won).
Inheritance Value 
10,000 Won
Funeral Costs, etc 
10,000 Won
Appraisal Fee  ?
10,000 Won
Debt Burden
10,000 Won
House Price
10,000 Won
Net Financial Asset 
10,000 Won
Past Given Amount  ?
10,000 Won
Spouse Inheritance 
10,000 Won
Direct succession
Direct descendant
Old Persions
Calculation Result

Inheritance Tax Rate Table
tax base tariff progressive deduction
less than 100 million won 10% 0 won
less than 500 million won 20% 10 million won
less than 1 billion won 30% 60 million won
3 billion won or less 40% 160 million won
More than 3 billion won 50% 4.6 billion won
Inspected by Kang Dong-kyun, a certified tax accountant specializing in real estate taxes.
This calculator should only be used as a reference to estimate the approximate amount, and when paying the actual inheritance tax, you should seek the help of a certified tax accountant.
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