Gift Tax Calculator
Calculates the tax levied on the donation of property, such as real estate, without financial consideration. You can also calculate assets including debt.
If a house is acquired through a gift(free of charge), a fixed tax rate of 3.5% or 12% is applied. You can calculate it in Acquisition Tax Calculator.
If you give a gift including a debt, you must calculate the transfer tax in accordance with the burden contribution calculation method. You can check the detailed calculation method at Korean Real Estate Wiki(korean language).
Gift Value
10,000 Won
Appraisal Fee  ?
10,000 Won
Debt Burden
10,000 Won
Calculation Result

Give Tax Rate Table
tax base tariff progressive deduction
less than 100 million won 10% 0 won
less than 500 million won 20% 10 million won
less than 1 billion won 30% 60 million won
3 billion won or less 40% 160 million won
More than 3 billion won 50% 4.6 billion won
Inspected by Kang Dong-kyun, a certified tax accountant specializing in real estate taxes.
This calculator should only be used as a reference to estimate the approximate amount, and when paying the actual gift tax, you should seek the help of a certified tax accountant.
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