Debt To Income(DTI) Calculator
DTI (Dept to Income) means the financial burden ratio to annual income. It is an indicator of how much a person with income capable for a loan. Korean banks set a loan limit in consideration of the DTI Ratio under the regulations of the authorities.
Stress DTI calculates some additional interest rates to the applicable interest rate in consideration of future increases in interest rates.
  • Bullet Repayment : The principal will be repaid in full at maturity and only interest will be paid before then.
  • Equal Principal Payment : Repay the principal at the same rate every month. Interest is paid as much as the remaining balance, so the principal is reduced as much as the principal is repaid. That is, the payment amount decreases over time.
  • Equal Amortization : The total interest and principal are divided by the period and the same amount is paid equally every month.
The estimated interest rate is the rate used by banks to calculate the DTI, which is set by the banks independently of the market rate. Debt embraces all 1st and 2nd tier financial sector, credit and mortgage loans, so it is higher than the average loan in 1st financial sector. Our calculator uses 4% referring to the case of some banks in the 1st tier financial sector.

Annual income 
10,000 Won
Loan Amount
10,000 Won
Other Debt
10,000 Won
Loan Period
Interest Rate
Debt Interest Rate
Calculation Result


Although this calculation is done in the same way as the bank, it is a very simplified calculation compared to the many factors that are considered in the actual handling of loans in the bank. Actual loans may result in different results depending on the bylaws and products handled by each financial company, so please use them only as a reference.

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