Debt Service Ratio(DSR) Calculator

Debt Service Ratio(DSR) is a more robust indicator than DTI, which is calculated only for interest repayment on existing loans, whereas DSR is calculated for principal and interest repayment. The baseline ratio is 40% when an indivisible DSR is applied.

  • Bullet Repayment : The principal will be repaid in full at maturity and only interest will be paid before then.
  • Equal Principal Payment : Repay the principal at the same rate every month. Interest is paid as much as the remaining balance, so the principal is reduced as much as the principal is repaid. That is, the payment amount decreases over time.
  • Equal Amortization : The total interest and principal are divided by the period and the same amount is paid equally every month.
New DTI is a way of incorporating all mortgage principal and interest into the screening. It is a more relaxed indicator than a DTI that reflects the principal and interest of all loans, but if you have existing mortgage loans, it is an indicator for mortgage regulation that makes additional loans difficult.
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Detail calculation methods may vary among financial companies. The exact percentage should be checked with each financial company's system.
New DTI and DSR debt calculation criteria
Type Kinds Repayment method Principal Interest
Mortgage Indivisual Mortgage Full Amortization
Actual repayment after amortization commencement
Some Amortization Actual repayment after amortization commencement + maturity repayment amount / (loan period – grace period)
Bullet Repayment Loan Amount / Loan Period (up to 10 years)
Interim/Moving Loan Irrelevant Loan Amount / 25 Years
division DSR New DTI
Lease Loan Irrelevant not included
Lease Deposit
Collateral Loan
Irrelevant Loan Amount / 4 Years not included
Collateral Loan
Irrelevant Loan Amount / 10 Years
Credit Loan Irrelevant Loan Amount / 7 Years
Other Loans Irrelevant Actual repayment over the next 1 year
Deposits Collateral Loan
Securities Collateral Loan
Irrelevant Loan Amount / 8 Years
* 신DTI의 경우 원금상환액을 반영하지 않음
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