Corporation Tax Calculator
You can calculate the taxes that the corporation has to pay on the profits from the transfer of the real estate property.
Unlike individuals, corporations are subject to corporate tax rates under the Corporate Tax Act, not capital gains tax under the Income Tax Act.
Acquire Value
10,000 Won
Transfer Value
10,000 Won
Transfer Date
Actual Cost
10,000 Won
Calculation Result


The corporate tax rate is calculated based on the sum of income for each business year. If the total income is large, the tax interval may vary.

Coporation Tax Rate Table
tax base rate progressive deduction
200 million or less 10% -
More than
200 million and less than 20 billion
20% 20 million won
More than 20 billion and
less than 300 billion
22% 42 million won
over 300 billion 25% 942.0 million won
Inspection) Dong-Gyun Kang, a tax accountant specializing in real estate tax
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